Christine Fletcher

Software Engineer -
Web Developer

I enjoy building incredible web experiences. The entire process from idea to deployment. I can manage it all.

This site showcases my most recent and favorite works.

My Portfolio

Here is a selection of my favorite and most recent pieces of work.

Nasa Photo of the Day App React | API | Styled Components
Nychol's Sweets & Things Website HTML | SASS | JavaScript | Bootstrap
To Do App React | Styled Components | Cypress

Christine Fletcher
Meet Christine

Hi! Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I am a full stack software engineer with a background in nursing.

I am a passionate creative person who excels at solving complex problems.

Bringing strong leadership, communication and collaborative management skills into the field of software engineering & web development.

I am available for web & software development contracts and positions, as well as content creation specializing in Women's Health.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I want to help you develop your online presence and grow your business.

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