Christine Fletcher

Software Engineer -
Web Developer

I enjoy building incredible web experiences. The entire process from idea to deployment. I can manage it all.

This site showcases my most recent and favorite works.

Christine Fletcher
Meet Christine

Hi! Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I am a full stack software developer with a background in nursing.

I am a passionate creative person who excels at solving complex problems.

Bringing strong leadership, communication and collaborative management skills into the field of software engineering & web development.

I am available for web & software development contracts and positions, as well as content creation specializing in Women's Health.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I am passionate about improving lives through technology. I have a special interest in improving the technical systems involved in the delivery of healthcare.

When I'm not coding you will most likely find me working out in my garden, walking my dogs, or curled up with a good book.

My Portfolio

Here is a selection of my favorite and most recent pieces of work.
Click cards below to visit the deployed sites.

John Conway's Game of Life React | JavaScript | Bootstrap | CSS
GitHub Repo
Nasa Photo of the Day App React | API | Styled Components
GitHub Repo
Nychol's Sweets & Things HTML | SASS | JavaScript | Bootstrap
GitHub Repo
Swaap App React | Apollo | GraphQL | Cypress

Get In Touch

Say hello or ask me anything, I'm always delighted to help.

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